How It Works

Respiratory Monitoring Device

AEvice is a patented respiratory monitoring device. It continuously monitors your child’s asthma condition. It is non-intrusive, easy to wear and it provides objective measurement to better track doctor’s treatment plan. The device works on sound-based technology. Using our designed algorithm, we recognize the sound created through the various parameter, such as wheeze, cough and breathing rate. Through our mobile app, you will be informed when your child’s asthma attack is about to occur. On top of that, the device will sound off, alerting the people around the child, allowing prompt medical attention.

Is this applicable for the adult?

Yes, the device works for the adult as well.

How does it work?

4 simple steps to help you better manage your child’s asthma condition.

Step 1

Remove the adhesive patch and stick on the device.


Step 2

Stick the device on your child’s right chest before sleep.

Step 3

Notification will be sent when your child is about to develop an asthma attack.

Step 4

Observe your child’s progress through shown chart on the mobile app.


AEvice device consists of filters, preamplifiers, a battery is used to transform analog signal of lungs sound to digital signal to be operated on by our wheeze detection algorithm. Our wheeze detection algorithm has gone through clinical trial and has achieved an accuracy of over 90% in wheeze detection.

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