AEvice Health hits the screens with popular reality series Channel NewsAsia Start-Up Season 4! We are pleased to share that we have emerged as the winner, out of 7 finalists.

The programme, which airs on leading regional news network Channel NewsAsia, acts as a launch pad and platform for start-ups to gain mentorship and invaluable insights from experts, who are also venture capitalists. It is a collaboration between Channel NewsAsia and TechVenture 2016, and is organised by the National Research Foundation Singapore and Slush, one of Europe’s leading startup events.

More than 200 applicants across the world applied for a spot for the competition, but only 30 were shortlisted to make their final pitch prior to the filming of the reality series. Of these 30, only 7 finalists were selected to be featured on the programme after an evaluation of their pitch. The seven finalists went on to compete to clinch a deal with 3 top venture capitalists and receive up to $500,000 in seed capital.

The fourth season of the show boasts a panel of distinguished judges, namely Leslie Loh (Founder of Red Dot Ventures), Jeffrey Paine (Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures) and Hsu Kuan Hua (General Partner of KK Fund PL).

There were also many notable mentors on the programme to guide the participants, such as Heath Snyder (Partner, Financial Advisory, Deloitte), Sumit Sharma (Assoc. Partner, APAC, Oliver Wyman) and Kevin Gaskell (Business Leader, Entrepreneur).

AEvice Health also had the opportunity to conduct interviews with doctors and other experts in the field, to better understand the risks and challenges involved in the production of our primary product, BioAsthma.

The programme, which spanned 6 episodes, had a series of interesting and gruelling tasks which the finalists had to complete within a short time limit. The challenges included an elevator pitch to a mystery mentor, a 36-hour stratathon, and a final pitch.

After overcoming various obstacles and challenges, as well as withstanding the multiple elimination rounds, AEvice Health emerged as the winner. Leslie Loh, Founder of Red Dot Ventures, chose to invest in AEvice Health, out of the remaining 4 finalists.

“It’s really a validation of your idea. As an investor, we believe that you’ve got a good chance of making it and, also clearly, I think through that period of working with you, I think you have the capability and the potential to actually make that idea a success,” Loh said, regarding his decision to invest in AEvice Health.

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